Inmost Swell, 24” x 24” Oil on Panel

Inmost Swell, 24” x 24” Oil on Panel

Growing up with an artist parent in an East Texas farming town, Scott Simons’ creative nature was nourished from a young age. Art classes started around the age of five and included private tutoring in watercolors and oils by middle school. Art studies in high school morphed into design studies in college, then morphed back into a painting practice in early adulthood.

“I’ve been a painter all my life”, said Simons, “To me, being an artist is all about how you see the world, not necessarily what you make or create. I’ve painted a thousand paintings in my mind when I wasn’t in the studio.”

Scott paints profusely and shows at multiple galleries. “Even when I’m frustrated with the work or the process, I’m still so much happier when I’m painting. And it’s physical for me, so I feel better overall. I have to keep making them.”

Scott has served on the Development Committee for The Contemporary in Austin, the Board of Trustees for Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA), the Board of Directors for Artreach Dallas, and the Board of Directors for EASL, the Emergency Artist Support League.

While working at Craighead Green Gallery as an assistant in the early 90’s, Scott conceived and produced New Texas Talent, the gallery’s well-regarded juried exhibition that recently celebrated 25 years.

Scott resides in Austin and Blanco, Texas with his spouse, Paul, and is also a full-time dachshund doorman. 


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