1.6.2018 - 2.10.2018

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Georgia based painter Tyler Butcher makes his way back to Craighead Green Gallery with a new series of work entitled “Empty Kingdoms.”  Struck by the recent refugee crisis, Butcher draws parallels with the state of bodies lost to human constructs and souls in limbo.  While Butcher’s paintings retain his signature silhouette figures, this time they are placed in landscapes that are equally nondescript and alien.  In one work, the sky above a faceless crowd is colored like a neon apocalypse.  Another painting reveals a lake scene (normally a pastoral setting) through a ghost-like figure, an unfulfilled desire.  Butcher explains that this series is meant to “…let people into our respective worlds rather than closing ourselves off into our own kingdoms.”  

Tyler Butcher is a painter living and working in Savannah, Georgia.  He is currently an educator at Savannah College of Art and Design and exhibits in Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

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Dallasite Suzanne Kelley Clark spent the earlier part of her life falling in love with the woods and lakes of upstate New York.  Her upcoming show, “Natural Flow”, is a continuation of this infatuation, albeit via the wildernesses of Texas and New Mexico.  Each of these places hold a special place for her as she’s lived in or visited both locations over the years watching nature unfold through seasons dry and wet, cold and warm, in bloom and in repose.  As a painter, Clark has been a tireless photorealist but for “Natural Flow” she’s chosen to present her works done at these sites en plein air.  This shift in focus allows the presence of each environment to take precedence.  The rivers and valleys in Taos retain their depth; the Pine curtain of East Texas shade the viewer.  As the artist says: “Nature is an unending revelation.”

Suzanne Kelley Clark is a Dallas based oil painter.  She received her MFA from SMU and has been shown all over Texas


Arturo Mallmann’s paintings contain a deliberate kind of depth that is both formal and sociological.  In his upcoming exhibition, “Dystopian Dreams”, Mallmann combines his impression of the recent world with his practice.  Mallmann’s work is made by layering acrylic paint with resin, sanding, rinsing, and repeating.  On his process, he states: “This interaction is what holds the painting together and makes it a community of images embracing each other in the same journey.”  These “communities” are also the bedrock of his subject matter.  His landscapes hold fragile groups in their hands; ecosystems colliding with figures.  Mallmann’s interest in decay and creation (as suggested by the title of this exhibition) is on full display: from peaceful fishing docks to urban decay to lonely sunsets.

Arturo Mallmann is a Uruguayan born painter that now resides in California.  He has shown all over the United States, primarily in California, New York, and Texas.

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