2.17.2018 - 3.24.2018

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Craighead Green’s latest addition to their roster of sculptors is Dallasite Russ Connell.  In his upcoming show “Nice to Meet You,” Connell’s greatest strengths are his sense of play and his technical proficiency.  A metal sculptor well-versed in welding and casting, Connell constructs his pieces with an exploratory attitude toward form, color, and texture.  The “Untitled” series consist of stacked metal volumes that are coated with neons, blacks, and pencil scratchings.  The outside paint winks and gestures towards the space carved and taken by the form itself.  His larger scale work is built piece by piece, like an oddball architect.  Each geometric form is constructed individually and, as the accumulation of these items occur, he welds them together.  These works layer like a monochrome community of ideas, shifting as the viewer walks around them.  

Russ Connell received his BFA from the University of North Texas and has constructed many public works in the DFW area.

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Tom Hoitsma makes large paintings.  An abstract expressionist with a equal love for scale as well as the administration of paint, Hoitsma’s work is unmissable.  His first show for Craighead Green is entitled “Deconstructed Landscapes.”  Though he lives and works in Dallas, Hoitsma’s work is undeniably inspired by natural landscapes as night-deep blues and horizon reds make appearances in most of his pieces.  His brush strokes are broad, applied with intuition.  A viewer easily finds subtlety in the layering of color as understated marks form at the edges of the aforementioned broad application.  In his own words, the artist focuses on how “…specific combinations of marks and colors can create a vibrant and atmospheric visual experience.” 

Tom Hoitsma works in Dallas and has shown in both Texas and Colorado. 

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Painter Kendall Stallings latest offering “Dichotomy & Analogy” is an exploration of the off kilter.  Interested in opposing contexts, Stallings work displaces his figures into extreme landscapes.  A viewer might find a suited figure seated on the edge of a cliff in a cloud of insects.  Another work features a red orb menacing at its desert surroundings.  Stallings subjects, though out of place, highlight our interdependence of the manmade and the natural.  It’s the longing and disorientation of the manicured person in the wild.  The artist notes his subjects “…survive but are alien to their surroundings.” Though his subject matter may be lean towards the absurd, Stallings’ painting technique is stoic.  His figures and landscapes are rendered with the care of a photorealist.

Kendall Stallings was born in Arkansas and received his BA from the University of Arkansas.  He is currently based in Dallas and has done illustration work for many high profile clients.

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