The open fields, river valleys and ever-changing sky... where they meet and become one are the source of my inspiration. That familiar, silent place has always drawn me in.

For years I struggled to find a distinctive voice for my work. Once I came to the realization that the detail and craft of my illustrative past were secondary to the emotional atmosphere and raw truth of my paintings today. This freedom to paint without the burden of a camera's detail helps the landscapes come from a place filled with emotion, a place that I know well, my world. Void of unnecessary detail, I start my paintings with snapshots in my mind, color sketches, and years of visual experiences. Details instead are replaced by the emotional strokes, color relationships and textural scrapes of my palette knife. Harmonious color, non-descript locations and abstract layouts allow the viewer to fill in their own details and history, hopefully allowing the viewer to escape to their own space in time silent of all distraction. 


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