These thread paintings depict real locations that I frequently visit. I grew up in rural North Texas, and the seasonal colors and scenery of this area serve as inspiration for my work.  I often spend Saturday mornings driving down gravel roads and photographing the landscape. Based on these photographs and my memories of the land, I create a painting out of thread and fabric.

Cotton fabric is dyed for both sky and land.  Free motion machine embroidery is used to create distant trees and grass, and foreground details are made using hand embroidery techniques.  Dyed silk ribbons, wool roving, and pearl cotton thread are used to create tree branches and other textures. The title for each thread painting refers to the nearest road where the photograph was taken. The use of thread and needle forces the work to progress more slowly than if the landscapes were rendered in paint. The more deliberate process echoes the peacefulness I associate with these places.

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