Poetry in Motion, 16” x 39.5” x 10” 3-D Photographs on Clear Acrylic


This new series of works called "Written on Transparent Pages" continues the original work "invisible literature", a series with which I have been working for a few years. The bookshelves and their infinite combination of possibilities create what I call an "illusory collage". The invented titles trigger stories that the viewer can imagine or recreate with existing authors or titles. The majority of images that coexist in the work are photos taken by me, and some images scanned from real books. In the works titled “Di” and “Poetry in Motion” are photos taken by Diana Maguire, one of which is a self-portrait.

As you go through the work with your eyes the images are mirrored, they cross each other creating an optical illusion, where everything moves, everything is illuminated and reflected creating an atmosphere with its own light that is projected generating new forms, creating a " fourth dimension ", or as Jorge Luis Borges said in the Aleph "an infinite microcosm within itself where everything is true and illusory at the same time”. As the observer goes through the work, it changes until it disappears completely when you look at it from the side, suddenly there are no more images and the piece becomes a totally transparent sculpture, hence "Written on transparent Pages".

A novel feature in this exhibition is the incorporation of the portrait as an image, in this case it is the photo of a face. What I am working on lately is to fragment the image (the portrait in this case) in different blocks (books) of different sizes but where you can see a single image. For example, in the piece called Scratch. On the right of the shelf you can see a stack of books that are the same image fragmented into four books. I also use many images of books turned showing their pages and with this I create "a blank page"- an invisible accent between image and image.

Scratch, Poetry in Motion, Cyrcle, Di.... are the works I'm presenting at Craighead-Green Gallery and I hope to continue writing more Transparent Pages.

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