High Density Pigment on Birch


As working professional artist and Professor of Art for over four decades my work has followed a path defined by a love of color, abstract painting and deep love of design. The paintings, drawings and sculptural works I make express an interest in architecture, compositional rhythm and spatial illusion. Every few years I challenge myself with a new creative idea that I want to explore in the latest series of works. The process of painting to me is both a spontaneous experience and a love of materials and processes.

Raised by a family that collected contemporary art, my formative years were surrounded by visual art, interesting design such as mid-century architecture, furniture and of course music.  From a very early age my goals were simple: I wanted to be an artist and make art that sparked my inner curiosity. I also wanted to be an art professor like so many of my family’s closest friend. Although I never finished high school, by the time I was 26 I had completed college and graduate school, was a Professor of Art and had my first solo exhibition in New York City.  With a lot of hard work, support, and a measure of good fortune I have managed to live my dream.

My latest work: The Signal Series: Paintings and works on paper.                         

This work stems from curiosity and a simple idea: What if we could visualize the signals, the patterns, the bursts of energy, and the beautiful movement of waveforms that are made in time and space as we communicate with each other?

This elegant parallel world of signals, impulses, and communication systems weave through our bodies as neurons and synapsis and pass forward globally by our deeply embedded technology as an exquisite network of signals and energy.

The series of abstract paintings is first created by making background fields of color, space, and depth. The next layers of patterns of loops, dashes, and line segments is added to make of the elements travel in back and forth in space at a certain meditative rhythm and pace.

I enjoy the pleasure of following through with the instincts behind the urge to make abstract paintings. I find it both comforting and affirming that the process itself always seems to evolve as a journey leading to insights about life and our inevitable connectedness as human beings.

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