From a lifetime of drawing and painting came a great deal of stimulus leading ultimately to the career I pursued in fine art. Strong inspiration from years of studying art and design since childhood led to years of teaching design, art history, drawing, and painting. As with many artists, teaching is a very stimulating experience, and for me it was very enriching. 

As a full-time painter I continue to strive for work that both challenges me and also satisfies my personal sensibilities and objectives while also engaging the viewer. My personal focus is to achieve a balance that wavers on a fine point between abstraction and representation. To do this I begin by using environments I have actually seen and then adding figures and the narratives I create to go with them.

The imagery in this body of work has come from events in my everyday life locally as well as those of past travel experiences. While the locations could exist anywhere, the paintings do begin with spaces I have directly observed. The environments, however, evolve dramatically once they emerge on the canvas. Color and lighting is exaggerated as space is simplified making the location uncertain and indistinct. Expressively painted figures are incorporated that then become the performers for the settings. Their stories are invented and inspired by challenges, experiences, and relationships in everyday life. In some, abstracted figures are isolated and introspective while in others they are caught absorbed in personal interactions. Other times the players may connect directly with the viewer. Each person has a story to tell. The paintings then become neither completely abstract nor are they realistic, and yet they become both.

In this body of work I seek to engage the viewer in my stories of life, possibly conjuring a memory or a moment in time of their own. I become both painter and storyteller. 

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