Between Us, 48” x 36” Acrylic, Plaster, Glazes, Oil Crayon on Canvas



I’m always blindsided by the beauty of the accidental. The unpredictability of working abstractly is where I seem to thrive. It’s not always a comfortable place but one where unforeseen results become pivotal and transform my art in unexpected ways. The results of experimenting with new materials and ways of working can be seen throughout the exhibit. The small drawings in the show –“One Thing Led to Another” – are something close to my heart. I've always found drawing so freeing and honest in its immediacy, relying on the subtlest visual distinctions. Each stand alone 9” x 12” work is a spontaneous exploration of marks and materials. The group as a whole forms a community celebrating both differences and similarities. Whether in painting or drawing I’m searching for qualities of vibrancy and luminosity; passages that are both elegant and awkward; environments where color and line partner to tell the story. I want the viewer to take time to to see things with child-like intensity and to feel slightly blindsided themselves.

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PAST EXHIBITION: 3.31.18 - 5.5.18 | Ellis, Harris, Irvin



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