Night Turns to Day , 36” x 36” Inches, Acrylic on Panel

Night Turns to Day, 36” x 36” Inches, Acrylic on Panel


This body of work is about seeing what we have. What we might take for granted. Using the everyday I want to appreciate it, transform it, see it in a new way by letting the process and materials I use direct how the painted stories are told.

In my sculpture, the materials dictate to me what they eventually want to be. In this body of work I am combining new technology, 3D printed resins with pieces of wood that have waited patiently in my studio for twenty years to be used and become something new.

I am inspired by the simple beauty of what exists right in front of me. The birds I have in hand. 

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POST EXHIBITION: 10.14.17 - 11.11.17 | Gorham, Harnden, Saa


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