Moving Day

Moving is a complicated thing.  It isn’t just a matter of shifting things from one place to another.

When you move from a home, it is dismantled, taken apart.  Possessions, many of them beloved, are taken from shelves or familiar corners and re-evaluated.  Sometimes they are discarded, sometimes they are packed and rediscovered later, or sometimes they are lost forever in the shuffle of the move.

I began these paintings when a big move was afoot, from one part of the country to another.  These nests represent an idea of home, scattered and ordered, concrete and abstract.    Material possessions and old ways of thinking have been reconsidered, and there is freedom in simply letting it go. 

The nest series and landscape paintings balance the desire for stability along with the pure joy of being on the road, with that constantly unfolding landscape.   As always, I find myself looking at the ground and looking upwards, trying to take it all in.

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