Natuer Morte 2019, 72”x54”x3” Inches

Natuer Morte 2019, 72”x54”x3” Inches


In the time that I’ve been working, I continue to find that making art is a mysterious and humbling process. I’m truly influenced by the most mundane and sometimes by the most radical. I guess on some level, I find them to be almost equal.

The intersections between art, nature and economics and the theories about this exchange machinery yield for me, a larger view into the natural landscape of determined value and the fundamental scaffoldings of belief.

Lately my observations of nature have expanded and are the very floor to everything I understand about belief. For me, this machinery of nature defines and describes who we are and the stories we tell. It’s everything really. Children’s tales, history, television, literature, politics, science, economics, religion and advertising; they all share the fundamentals of incentive and I see that it’s these stories that reveal the baser laws of our natural drama. 

It’s these tales that interest me most. 

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POST EXHIBITION: 9.9.17 - 10-7-17 | Brock, Brown, Maggio


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