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My art is photography.  As a little girl, I photographed the daily events in the life of my dog  using a Brownie Hawkeye camera.  When I studied at University, photography was for photographing my friends.  Ten years later I studied ceramics and sculpture and found great pleasure photographing my pots near rocks and grasses with a Kodak Instamatic for my thesis. It was a magical process of making the three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional image embedded in a tiny piece of silver emulsion and cellulose.

 In 1970 I bought my first adjustable lens camera with an early built-in light meter, a Nikkormat ftn with a 55mm macro lens, and began photographing the people and places in my life where I lived in Egypt-- and one could ask for nothing more dramatic than Egypt through the lens.  When I studied Islamic Art and Architecture at Cairo American University, I took my camera on field trips to photograph the Fatimid mosques throughout Old Cairo.  Although my background is studio arts and art history, the medium of photography magically linked all aspects of my background--and photography has been my life since that time.

 Back in the United States, I returned often to photograph the ancient cities throughout the Middle East.  And in search of the ancient nearer to my home, I began traveling south of the Texas border to photograph sites in Mexico and Central America. 

 In more recent years, my work has grown to include various cultural, natural and architectural sites in the state of Texas such as the work of S.C.P. Vosper at Texas A&M University, Caddo Lake and the Fort Worth Stockyards, all of which are subjects for books printed by Texas A&M University Press at College Station, Texas. 

 Photographs of the dramatic ancient cities of the Middle East, both pre-Hispanic and Spanish inspired Mexico and Guatemala and our diverse Texas cultural sites reflect our heritage.  These cultural centers are “our” history, and reflect ancient man’s struggles and artistry through time.

 These photographs are my art and my life. 

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