The paintings I made for this show was an attempt by me to try to develop a new abstract narrative by creating non-objective imagery that I have not previously explored. The concepts for these pieces started as small drawings and studies but major modifications happened during the transfer to the larger scale works as they began to take on a life of their own. 

Textures and Gestures: Intertwined, is a fitting description for these paintings since the surface treatments are very physical combining various collage elements with thickly applied encaustic paint executed in sweeping, gestural brush strokes. The results of this process renders multi-layered, mark making which creates an intertwined density and tension between line, form, texture and color. 

The “figure/ground” relationship is of particular importance with these pieces as they are very asymmetrical with a festive, celebratory quality that juxtapose contrasting styles of paint application; scribbling on the surface with a stubby brush or oil stick then streaking it with a loaded paint brush followed by melting away the waxy encaustic medium to reveal under painting and other collage treatments. As well, the conceptual strategy of chance played a key role as alterations were made to these paintings as they were evolving which allowed for new discoveries and ultimately, greater visual impact.

This series of new work presents a mash-up of abstract, organic imagery that is recognizable but perhaps not easily decipherable which I hope creates a narrative of picture making that emanates from strange and unknown origins.


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