Confusion, An Order that is Not Understood, 36” x 48” Acrylic and Resin on Wood


For quite a while I got used to doing my work by hanging several panels on the walls and gradually working in all of them at once so that each piece ended somehow being connected to the previous one. I was in a path, unity of style was guaranteed, at least for a while.

In the last few years though, I got to a point where finding a new path to follow became a frustrating experience. I started thnking that I might never again find a clear, identifiable path to follow, like it used to happpen to me in the past. Maybe I could start focusing in just one painting at a time and seeing each one of them as a complete new experience and go wherever it takes me until I am satisfied.

A phrase that I heard a long time ago from an artist whose name I don't recall popped lately into my mind. He said "I feel sad for those painters that work in series, they think they are getting deepeer into their work but actually the opposite is true, most of the excitement of the unpredictable is gone and painting becomes a boring endeavor indeed".

Painting without the intention of doing "a body of work" was the way I decided to approach the exhibition. The result was a rich diversity of images, some similar to my previous work, others completely different, some almost monochromatic, others filled with a variety of intense colors, some with a touch of repressentation and some completely abstract. 

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PAST EXHIBITION: 1.6.17 - 2.10.18 | Butcher, Clark, Mallmann


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