Landscape #44, 84” x 73.5” Acrylic and Latex on Canvas


Exploring how specific combinations of marks and colors can create a vibrant and atmospheric visual experience is the focus of my work today. I refer to my current large scale paintings as “deconstructed landscapes” and while the starting point is generally inspired by landscape and/or the natural world, the goal is to get to the “feeling” of a specific visual experience. This work continues my exploration of “monumental”, large scale, gestural painting.

Heavily influenced by the Abstract Expressionist of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s in all of my work, a sense of the physical is very important. Brush in paint, paint on canvas or wood. The size of the work, the heavily layered paint and the almost sculptural quality of the 4” deep canvases are all key elements in the creation of a tactile, dynamic visual experience.

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