Self Portrait, 23” x 16” x 10” Cast Bronze


My work is based in the fundamentals of sculpture, each new piece is an opportunity to play with balance and the positive and negative space created by the piece. I’m interested in most every method of fabrication, my current body of work is a reflection of that. My working process is organic, though the forms are often quite geometric in presentation. I like to start building each part individually, creating a natural flow and movement through the pieces as they become welding into a single sculpture. My pieces range from CNC files that have been cut and welded to hand made pieces that are meticulously formed. I’ve recently taken an interest in
digital fabrication, using methods of 3D scanning and printing to create cast bronzes.

The current exhibition is an exploration into multiple facets of production. I’ve tried to challenge myself with each process, from simplifying and limiting the scale of certain pieces to venturing into formerly unknown processes of digital design and execution. The past year has been a tremendous opportunity for growth in my professional practice and I’ve attempted to capture every challenge, growth, fear, and victory in this body of work.

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PAST EXHIBITION: 2.17.18 - 3.24.18 | Connell, Hoitsma, Stallings


1011 Dragon Street  Dallas, TX  75207  ::  214.855.0779