OC201301, 68” x 55.75” Oil on Canvas

OC201301, 68” x 55.75” Oil on Canvas


Currently I’m working with collage, drawing and painting mediums. I have two different types of drawing practices, charcoal on paper and collages (works on paper which are sewn together using a sewing machine).

The collage works are made from a variety of mediums including ink, gouache or charcoal. Additionally I have two types of painting practice that interest me; the first being a more traditional approach of painting on canvas. The second is using painting to create more installation based work, this approach is very similar to that of the collage works on paper, where I’m painting on individual panels of wood, these works I refer to as ‘shingles’.

I’m very much interested in color and line, shape and pattern and the ability to build a composition. Most of my graduate work was using sculptural materials and most recently I have been captivated with the idea of stacked perspective, I often refer to my work as building a composition by stacking pattern and color on top of one another.

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