I Would Ask You Again, 10.5” x 14” Oil on Panel

I Would Ask You Again, 10.5” x 14” Oil on Panel

Otto Duecker has been exploring Realism for over thirty years, creating work in a style that is unique to the genre. Much of Duecker’s early work focused on marginal members of society. He first received national attention in the 1970s for his “Drifters” series of life-size cutouts of street people. In a variety of poses, these figures stare boldly at the viewer with a precise, supernatural presence.

His fascination with history and artists has led Duecker to return to the human image in a series of trompe l’oeil paintings of strong personalities living in the 20th century. These works, in which Duecker paints “snapshots” of famous figures that appear to be casually taped to cracking surfaces, play against our expectations of the formal presentation of works of homage while startling us with their precision and beauty. Duecker captures the character and endearing wonder in the eyes of the men and women who have shaped and contributed to our world. 


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