Congratulations! Below is the list of artist’s who’s work was selected for exhibition in New Texas Talent XXVI. Craighead Green Gallery appreciates everyone that entered work and we hope that you will enter again next year. While reviewing all submissions we were amazed at the range and level of talent which exists in Texas.

Paxton Maroney

Sam Wilson

Jonas Criscoe

Arthur Sekula

Eilene Carver

Danqing Coldwell

Alexander Lozano

Ashley McGee

Steven Barker

Marcus Soriano

Karl Melton

Elizabeth Wiley

Ruth Wall

Allison Garza

Teresa Bristol

Todd Stevens

Jill Malouf

Kelly Berry

Susan Kindley

Elizabeth Ferran

Jaclyn Blackerby

Amy Werntz

Gabrielle Pruitt

Cassandra Black

Gibson Regester

Nolan Mueller

Thomas Flynn

Abi Salami