One-Fish, Two-Fish, 36”x 60” Mixed media on Canvas


Painting from her studio in the hip neighborhood of Germantown in Nashville, Tennessee, Swarthout explores her work by removing judgment from the creative process and embracing the fluid nature of reacting to paint. 

As she progressed in her art career, she began studying under Anton Weiss.  Weiss, an established artist, who studied under Hans Hoffman, guided Toni to find her voice through her art, and it is here that she found a style all her own.

“My inspiration comes from nature and everyday happenings.  Each person has their own personal experience of the world, through their own perception.  My work invites the viewer to experience my perceptions.  Colors and shapes are offered to me each day, and if I pay attention, I am able to see art in everything around me. 

Art is a conscious way of life.  I choose to live my life thoughtfully and artfully.”


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