The Bucket , 17” x 14.5” Inches, Oil on Panel

The Bucket, 17” x 14.5” Inches, Oil on Panel


My reverence and love of natural elements and their illusions is in direct balance with my fascination and obsession handling the materials and surfaces of my paintings. Illusive layered veils of color reflect a fragile quality but in fact the action of the painting process is very physical; burnishing, scoring, sanding, active brush stokes and whisking away of paint to create luminous light is part of the manipulations involved. From a distance the images may appear soft but close observation reveals crisp lines, intentional imperfections, and abstracted abrasive action.

Organic forms, shadow and atmospheric luminosity are key elements in these new works and my deep sensitivity to color and it's qualities of mood. Also an added element in several pieces is a subtle scored circular geometric pattern; perhaps a moment of meditative thought about underlying foundations and universal order in contrast to the glory and happenstance of growth and change.

My father Bill T. Crawford is turning 95 on August 30, I dedicate this show to him and his long standing career in wildlife research and conservation. He was Wildlife Conservationist of the Year for the state of Missouri in 2012. 

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