Joey Brock is a mixed media visual artist living in Dallas, TX. He anchors his work in an abstract expressionist tradition influenced by urban landscapes, graffiti and minimalist Japanese art.

Brock’s work is an abstract deconstruction combining strong expressive gestural strokes and mark marking. His mixed media paintings explore varied material surfaces while utilizing acrylic, graphite, enamel spray paint, ink, pencil, paper, cotton thread and photography.

Interested in the visual language and expression found in graffiti art, often captured in Brock’s travels, these expressions typically have the same common denominator; people wanting to be seen and heard.

The honest energy that is captured is a source of inspiration that Brock captures in its rawness, subtly combined with his intuitive nature to produce an organic and sometimes ethereal work. Intuition and creative flow are the backbones to his paintings. Brock’s approach can be described by the ancient Icelandic word for intuition “Innsæi”, referring to ‘the sea within’ which is a borderless nature of our inner world, a constantly moving world of vision, feelings and imagination beyond words.


1011 Dragon Street  Dallas, TX  75207  ::  214.855.0779