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11.18.2017 - 12.30.2017


Photographer Thom Jackson’s latest project “On the Road” is a collection of images that explore the idea of “cool.”  Hearkening back to the era of the show title’s namesake, Jackson’s eye captures young lovers on an escape through the Texas landscape.  Black tops creep into the distance.  A couple sits intertwined in the rain.  While “On the Road” has a thematic blend of narrative and nostalgia, the ability of Jackson to cauterize specific moments is his true talent.  His background as a fashion photographer lends him a quick response to positions his models’ pose and the environment that surrounds them.  Whether shooting in black & white or in color, Thom manages to seize intense moments of drama.

Thom Jackson is a Dallas based photographer.  He is a self taught artist and has been included in many shows worldwide.


San Antonio based artist Gary Schafter paints to challenge his viewer.  In his upcoming exhibition Time Pieces, Schafter investigates the cognitive fissures created by representation and time.  As he puts it: “Every subject is contextualized by time; shaping and coloring the subject.”  The paintings included in Time Pieces explore these themes: his subjects are carefully chosen for their histories and are rendered with tested precision.  Endangered animals are awash in a plane of striking color, both a celebration and a warning.  A once fashionable car is jokingly tested by tautological renaming.  Oil on wood is transformed into a formal dialogue between how we see, what we were, and what future we can make together.  

Gary Schafter is a Wisconsin born painter who holds an MFA from University of Texas, San Antonio.  He is shown and collected all over Texas.


Marla Ziegler returns to Craighead Green Gallery with a new ensemble of ceramic work titled Nexus.  Taking after the title of the show, the pieces are a series of communications between groups of crafted objects; each work an organ with cellular parts.  Sequences of knots, puzzle pieces, and waves congeal into large scale installations that take over a viewer’s eye.  Ziegler’s style is playful and refined.  Her longstanding relationship with her practice is still engendered with genuine surprises and excitement.  Shadows are interspersed as her glaze colors bounce into perfect place.  Ziegler says: “…the work intuitively responds to its surroundings much like a theatrical production.”  

Marla Ziegler has held a professorship at Brookhaven Community College for over 20 years and received her MA in Art History from Southern Methodist University.  She has exhibited all over Texas.

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