Comparisons, 73” x 81” Oil and Graphite on Canvas


In light of my present work, I am concerned with the form and its relationship to the space around it, as well as the area between the viewer's eyes and the surface of the painting. I want the viewer to be confronted. I want the space between the work and its audience to be charged. At the same time, I am concerned with the vastness within the painting itself. I am interested in the play of scale and the sensation of weight and tension in my work.

The genesis of my work is usually an object. Ideas arrive through the manipulation of such an object, i.e. through drawings, wax and plaster casts. Changing the orientation of the object and where it rests allows the object to change in relation to every new environment, thus, another element in my work is the dualism of object and place in the active field of painting.

It is hard to define my place in the current art world when we exist in a pluralistic period. I must look harder than ever toward my own sensibilities and find the few essential connections that link myself, as an artist, to the external world, both past and present.

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