Damian Suarez’s life has developed in different countries of Latin America after leaving his native Venezuela.

Chile, Argentina and Mexico currently represent the main cultural influences, from which it has developed a lenguaje that links their sense of belonging to the region, work discipline, scientific research and Op-art.

His work is to make optical art using strands of yarn, tens of kilometers in each painting, the threads are wound onto the wood constructing fundamental geometric compositions, where the color and shape combining environment to generate optical illusions or color transitions to persuade be observed closely and discover the hundreds of thousands of strands of threads that are always part of something bigger and complex, as an emerging phenomenon.

Damian participated in the National Prize "Julio Castillo" in 2014, where he received a mention of honor. He has also presented three individual shows; Phenotype of the Light (2014/2015), Genotype of the Light (2016) and Subconscious Language (2017/2018) in Mexico, Spain, USA next October and in February 2019 in the Cultural Center of Mexico in Colombia in the city of Bogota. He also participated in the collective exhibition "Exit" at the Museum of Modern Art in Sinaloa in 2015 and has exhibited his works in "Arte Vivo" at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City in the edition of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

  Currently, Damian participates supporting the Mexico Vivo Foundation, with whom he tries to promote causes of education and sexual health in Mexico and he keeps researching in the area of natural sciences with motivations to promote ecological causes and scientific dissemination through art.

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