Sketching weird shapes to avoid the boredom of a poor job fit lead to this. It was somehow a coping mechanism - a way to escape. For years I toiled doing glorified busy work for meager pay all the while secretly stealing moments to sketch on paper, note pads, and even napkins from fast food restaurants. These creations were weird and quirky but somehow alive - each one breathing life into the next one. All of them dreaming of more.

Inspiration has come from many forms. Music, film, friends, graphics, graffiti, photography, magazines, etc. Architecture changed me significantly. Architecture school expanded my brain in ways I did not know were possible. Conceptual thinking has become a mainstay. I no longer just listen to music or watch a film but observe patterns and rhythms, juxtapositions and color combinations. All leading to ideas in a hopper. But an idea is just that.

For me painting is not a means to an end but just a vehicle for exploration. Each finished work is just a snapshot of an experiment. Each experiment helps me understand life and all its possibilities. Why did God create us and what is our purpose? It is more than just seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Ultimately it is about relationships. For some reason, art ties us into this life together and connects us through form, color and expression. 

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