Fixation Flaw, 60” x 50” Oil on Canvas


Bryson Davis Jones is a contemporary painter, sound designer, graphics and video artist who lives in a suburb of Dallas Texas.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington but spent as much time producing art as architecture.  He was very interested in exploring how free form artistic expression and the design principles of architecture interact.  He participated in several group shows while attending UTA and produced experimental music and video for shows as well.

 Originally from Shreveport Louisiana, Bryson pursued studies in Georgia, Texas and abroad in Italy and Switzerland.  He often divides his artistic expression into different channels letting them directly or indirectly feed into one another.  These channels include several music and experimental sound projects, video art, graphic design and painting.  He is definitely process driven acquiring inspiration from sounds, movies, magazines, photography, and sketches.

 Early in his painting career he was very interested in orthogonal forms related to architecture. Now he melds organic shapes with architectural elements as he builds up the surface and then defines the negative space.  "I like to mix organic elements with known geometric shapes to create visual tension. (just put them all in a blender)  In architecture - everything has to make sense but in art it doesn't. It's freeing. I don't like things to always be pretty or in place because that is not reality.  If art does not make you wonder what it is to some degree, then I'm not interested.  It's okay to be uncomfortable with a piece and even wrestle with it.  That "tension" and emotive connection is what makes the difference for me."

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