Scintillating Ardency, 54” x 42” x 18” Woodblock Printed Paper, Carved Birch, Ink


A metaphor for human mortality, the humble disposable paper plate is my medium of choice for sculptural and installation work. Each life is disposable yet each life can impact its surrounding to create a positive change, one person at a time. By printing the paper plates with hand carved woodblock designs inspired by the microscopic (referring to my previous medical education) and macroscopic world around us, I add value to the paper plates thus taking away the disposable nature and elevating them to a level of preciousness. Although every human life is valuable, my experiences have found the life of a female to be considered more disposable and as such my work serves to bring attention to the value of a female life.

The mixed media drawings are character portraits of the people I come in contact with. The portraits are driven by the conversations and communication that bring value to their lives and create relationships.

Secondary considerations include dignity of labor, ideas of home / belonging and change in perspective of the viewer through change in physical and psychological space

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