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  Our Current Exhibition  
Yrjo Edelmann     Tracey Harris     David Crismon
Otober 11 - November 15, 2014
Opening Reception, Saturday, October 11th, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
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  Craighead Green presents another 3-artist exhibition opening September 6th for
Yrjo Edelmann, Tracey Harris and David Crismon
    Pease join us for the opening reception Saturday, October 11th, 5:00 – 8:00 PM  

Yrjo Edelmann

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    Carole Pierce  
    Yrjo Edelmann    "The Important Property"    36.5" x 35.5    oil on canvas  
    Craighead Green Gallery’s latest three (3) person exhibition includes a new body of work by internationally recognized illusionist painter, Yrjo Edelmann. Edelmann, a resident of Stockholm, Sweden, is known for his dramatic detailed oil on canvas paintings. Each painting appears to be a parcel wrapped in paper, tied with twine or taped together. The paintings are so realistic that the viewer is often tempted to reach and touch the tape or twine not knowing it is a part of the actual painting. This time around, Edelmann stacks the canvases on top of each other and creates multiple “parcels” in one painting.  In 1993, Edelmann was invited by Absolute vodka to paint an image for their ad campaign. This painting and the notoriety it brought him placed him in the company of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Edelmann has since been recognized as one of the great illusionists in Swedish contemporary art. His works are in many major museums throughout Europe and North America and is also collected by the Swedish Royal family and large Swedish multi-national corporations. Art critic Goran Hellstrom comments that, "Few if any achieve his technical dexterity. It makes him unique as an artist in that he combines the classical tradition of the old masters with an enigmatic contemporary image."  

Tracey Harris

    Michelle O'Michael  
    Tracey Harris    "The Usual Suspects"    18" x 24"   oil on panel  
    Tracey Harris returns for her second exhibition in Dallas. Since joining CGG in mid-2012, Harris has received quite a bit of attention and has found a substantial collector base in the South and Southwest. The artist paints groupings of books with interesting and entertaining titles. The books appear old, tattered and highly used. This body of work addresses gender roles and social norms with vulnerability and a sense of humor. We will also see a few figurative pieces of females in provocative, but everyday situations. Rachel Stephens from American Art Collector magazine comments that "Through a play on the world of self-help, Harris reminds the viewer to step back and laugh at all that modern society not only seems to ask of us, but also demands we execute with perfections”. Harris' post graduate Diploma of Art was received from Goldsmith College, University of London, England.  

David Crismon

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    Ursula O'Farrell  
    David Crismon    "Luminist Reconstructed"  40" x 60"   oil on metal
    David Crismon has been with Craighead Green for over 17 years. For this exhibition, he continues his Dislocated History series which includes detailed landscape paintings and reconstructed portraits. Crismon bases his imagery on portraits and landscapes that were painted during the late 16th century to the mid-18th century. In this body of oil on metal paintings, his imagery is even more detailed and dissected. It is curious in presentation and fascinating in technique and detail.  Crismon states that he is “interested in history and how it is interpreted and works with the idea that the past and present interfere with each other.” Crismon adds that he “references the past to pay homage and encapsulate the impact technology has made on how we translate history as well as modern experience.” Crismon obtained both his BFA and MFA in painting and lives in Oklahoma and teaches at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City.  
    Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, October 11th,
5 – 8 PM. For further information or additional images contact Scot Presley or Kenneth Craighead at: 214.855.0779 or email
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Winston Lee Mascarenhas, Jeri Ledbetter, and Linda McCall
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