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  Our Current Exhibition  
Marcus Bickler   Marci Crawford Harnden   Gary Schafter
May 16 - June 20, 2015
Opening Reception, Saturday, May 16th, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
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    Craighead Green Gallery presents a 3-artist show featuring Florida painter Marcus Bickler,
Dallas painter Marci Crawford Harnden and San Antonio painter Gary Schafter.

Pease join us for the opening reception Saturday, May16th, 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Marcus Bickler

    Marcus Bickler    "Adoration of My"   40" x 60"    mixed media on canvas
    Marcus Bickler presents his second show with Craighead Green.  Bickler is from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and his canvases are full of what one could see as floral graffiti.  As stated by Bickler “Within my work, I explore both surface and implied depth.  Utilizing methods steeped in tradition, I manipulate space and form upon the canvas’ two-dimensional surface.  I combine these techniques alongside urban inspired media, such as spray paint, which, I acknowledge, as flat, color elements to complement the established depth and form.  I am inspired by this duality of both technique and subject, as it parallels my life of tradition and the unconventional.”  Bickler studied at Maryland Institute College of Art- where he later graduated Magna Cum Laude, in general fine arts.  Additionally, the artist studied in the south of France- with great traditions afoot- Marcus’ work is anything but traditional.  His unique vision was solidified as he returned to South Florida.  

Marci Crawford Harnden

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    Marci Crawford Harnden    "The Change"    48" x 60" detail     oil on canvas  
    Dallasite Marci Crawford Harnden, a long time veteran of Craighead Green, delivers a colorful, fresh and inviting new group of oil paintings.  Harnden has an affection and curiosity of landscape and light.  The paintings are active yet calming and have been through multiple manipulations to achieve their patina and imagery. Harnden states “ I work in waves and layers, often surprised by unexpected elements. Weaving control with happenstance can be a mysterious and stimulating challenge. I hope viewers of my paintings can see mythical places which resonate with a unique illusion of life".  

Gary Schafter

    Gary Schafter    "Virtual Nature"    50" x 60"   oil on wood  
    Gary Schafter, a San Antonio resident, delivers another breathtaking show with his recent oil paintings.  For approximately the past 20 years, Schafter has been investigating, in general, the issue of mediated representation and, specifically, the problematic relationship between the image and its referent.  Schafter paints animals, flowers, boats; common subject matter that becomes photo-realistic paintings.  Schafter states “In the most recent series, Surface Paintings, the focusing device becomes the subject presented under glass: specimen jars, snow globes, Victorian shades, parlor domes, ships in a bottle.  By isolating the subject from its environment, this focusing device, or delivery system, helps concentrate the subject and the experience, creating an existential distance with the audience”. Schafter achieved a Masters in Fine Art from University of Texas, San Antonio in 1985.  
    Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, May 16th,
5 – 8 PM. For further information or additional images contact Scot Presley or Kenneth Craighead at: 214.855.0779 or email
  View a Slide Show of Our Current Exhibition
  View a slide show of our previous exhibition
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